South Burnett Enterprise Centre - the South Burnett's small business, meeting and conference centre
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About Us
The South Burnett Enterprise Centre exists to help new businesses grow in the South Burnett.

World-wide experience has shown that new businesses started in the environment of a business enterprise centre or business incubator enjoy a success rate as high as 85% after three years. This contrasts with the very high failure rate of small businesses generally (which can be as high as 90% within the first three years).

The South Burnett Enterprise Centre strives to meet the needs of new businesses by providing a supportive environment for them. Our services, amenities and flexible terms provide a fertile environment for a very wide range of new businesses.

The Enterprise Centre has two primary functions:

  • Firstly, we're a Small Business Information Centre which is open to any person wanting to know more about going into a business, or needing help and support with their existing business.
  • Secondly, we're also a Small Business Incubator. The Centre has 16 business units - each one fully carpeted and air conditioned with blinds. These units are leased to new start-up small businesses, home-based businesses ready to expand and not-for-profit associations.

You can view details about any business units we currently have vacant by clicking here.


Mission Statement
The South Burnett Enterprise Centre is a not-for-profit association and we promote the economic growth, sustainable development and creation of new employment opportunities in the South Burnett.

We do this by assisting the development of new businesses and nurturing these and existing businesses to success. We also work collaboratively with other organisations that contribute to the same goals.


The South Burnett Enterprise Centre (SBEC) was established in 1999 with grants from the Federal Government's AusIndustry Incubator Program and the former Kingaroy Shire Council. These grants allowed the Enterprise Centre to be built, providing the South Burnett with a much-needed facility that didn't exist in the region up to that point in time.

Since its inception the SBEC has assisted many new businesses to become established and viable. This in turn has helped foster employment in the region and led to the creation of many new amenities and services which have helped increase the quality of life for the broader regional community.

The SBEC has strong community support and is run by a volunteer Management Committee. Any profits from the centre's operations are ploughed back into the ongoing maintenance and development of the facility, which now also houses permanent storage areas for local service clubs and the the South Burnett Musical Comedy Society.

You can read more about the facilities and services we currently offer by clicking here.